Exploring communication strategies

Almost nine months ago the world first heard the words “BP Oil Spill.” In January, students from Southern Methodist University in Dallas will head to the Gulf Coast to examine the unprecedented communications challenges during the worst environmental disaster in US history. The posts here track their experience and chronicle their impressions as they journey from New Orleans to Grand Isle at the tip of the Louisiana “boot,” and skirt the coastline through Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to Dauphin Island and Gulf Shores, Alabama.


About Nina Flournoy

Author, Editor, Writer with expertise in Book Projects, Blogs, Academic writing, Social Media, PR, Marketing and Strategic Communication. A former national newspaper/magazine reporter and editor-turned-professor in Communication Studies at Southern Methodist University, and Director of SMU in London. Proud mother of three girls, one dog and wife of journalist and professor Craig Flournoy.
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One Response to Exploring communication strategies

  1. Annie Mills says:

    Thank you ALL for these efforts to effectively communicate and understand our most precious coast!

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