About the Jan. 2014 Environmental Comm. Class: This year Southern Methodist University students in Nina Flournoy’s Environmental Communication class will spend J-Term in Taos, New Mexico, examining environmental issues in the Southwest. Students will meet with regional environmental leaders, journalists, environmental lawyers, water and wildlife conservationists, innovative architects, solar energy experts, tribal representatives and nonprofit activists. The goal during this intensive 10-day class is to gain an understanding of the key environmental issues and to explore best practices for creating messages that can educate the community, rally public support and help implement action.

Students will post their interviews, observations, videos, and photos. We invite readers to share your thoughts.

About Jan. 2011 Environmental Comm. Class: Students from Southern Methodist University in Dallas will spend 10 days in January 2011 traveling from New Orleans to the Gulf Coast, meeting with key communication leaders on the front lines during the worst environmental disaster in American history— government, media, corporate and nonprofit leaders, academic researchers and environmental activists. Additionally, we’ll talk to those most impacted by the spill — the seafood and tourist industry, restaurants, bars and businesses large and small, from uptown New Orleans, to Grand Isle at the tip of Louisiana’s boot, and along the Gulf Coast through Mississippi and Alabama.

We invite you to follow us, hear from the people we meet, read our observations, and of course, share your thoughts. –Prof. Flournoy
Map of our Gulf of Mexico journey:

(larger map contains more detailed itinerary)


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