What We’re Reading

Five Questions for Dr. Theo Colborn (Orion Blog)

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert

Water Keeper Magazine


UN Report on Climate Change

IPCC 2013 Report

Using PR to fight climate change 

How can you get people to care about Climate Change?

Southwestern Environmental Issues: 

Southwest Climate Change

“Ensuring a Land Legacy for Future Generations
Conservation Opportunities and Planning Tools for the
Future of Your Land and Your Community”                http://www.taoslandtrust.org/pages/land_legacy.html

Mora Leaders Push for Sustainable Growth

Megadrought in the Southwest 

An Informal Consensus on Taos Water Issues

 Issues Surrounding the BP Oil Spill: 

Oil-impact study may take 20 years

Times Picayune coverage

Slate: How BP is handling its PR disaster

Louisiana Nature Conservancy Case for Restoration Report

Mabus Report Final

Washing Away

Mother Jones coverage

New York Times coverage

Public Relations Strategist Magazine: Turmoil in the Gulf. Click on the “Digital Version” to the right of the page.

SMU Grad Named New BP CEO

National Commission on the Deep Water Horizon BP Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

Media Coverage of the Oil Spill (Pew Center Project for Excellence in Journalisim)

Oil cleanup not over in Louisiana’s Bay Jimmy

NPR Oil Spill Coverage

USA Today coverage

Forlorn on the Bayou

Losing Louisiana

The Sun Herald (Biloxi) coverage


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