Watch This

Climate change:

Earth: The Operators’ Manual, 2011 version, program 1 

Bill Moyers on Urgency of Climate Action

 Environmental issues in Southwest:

Garbage Warrior:

Acequias of Taos:

Acequias History:

Environmental issues in Gulf of Mexico 

Kwynn’s brief trip overview on Daily Mustang

Kael Alford’s work

Media Censorship:
First Amendment Has been Suspended (Anderson Cooper)

Documenting the Gulf Oil Spill

The Fix: Robert Redford Reflects on the Gulf Oil Disaster

Oiled Birds in the Gulf

Spike Lee discusses the lingering effects of Katrina in New Orleans, and the impact of recent events like the Superbowl and BP oil spill.

A Vision for Rebuilding Reputation of Louisiana Seafood

James Carville on Louisiana

New Orleans Chef John Besh

Loyola’s Bob Thomas – interview on the oil spill on WWNO Radio

Riz Khan – Gulf of Mexico oil spill Pt 1 (Includes Riki Ott)

Interviews with scientists discussing the impact of oil on the ocean ecosystem and the food chain now and in the future.

Val Marmillion sets the record straight on the false accusations made against America’s WETLAND Foundation


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